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Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.

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Stephanie Borchard, President

452 W. Dearborn Street

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Phone: 941-475-7141




Join the Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc. today.   Click on link and download our Membership Form.  Fill it out and mail in.  Thank you.

Please take the time to stop by our Members’ Exhibit & Learning Center.  All local artisans and all sales go directly to the artist.


Stephanie Borchard


Our Vision Statement

           The vision of the Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.,  is to afford the opportunity for artisans to come together in support of one another: To work towards the enhancement of the community both in a social and economic manner;   To educate one another and foster  the growth of the arts for the younger generation; To provide learning programs and develop a strong work ethic for young artisans; To provide a charitable environment that enhances the arts; To include the literary and scientific communities; To reach out to all organizations and groups that share the same vision of revitalizing Olde Englewood Village in a coordinated effort. 

             To this end, our Members and Board of Directors shall strive each and every day to reach out to the community in a positive and supportive manner.

             The Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc., is a Florida Non Profit Corporation that has been designated a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable and educational organization and to this end we shall be guided.

Board of Directors

Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.

This is our 1st find for the Art Abandonment project!


Being a seasoned world traveler at 9 months old

and visiting my grandparents in Port Charlotte,

I managed to find your “Pick Me Up Art” at the

Chalk Festival on Friday afternoon.


Thank you very MUCH!  I promise to wave it around

to get a better look, put it in my mouth

to see what it tastes like and show everyone what

a beautiful piece of origami it is.




James T

Toronto, Ontario


More Finds!

2nd Find: 

Enjoyed finding this picture and

reading about your project!

Hope we find a cat one someday.

Leaving this for others to enjoy

as we did.


Cheers!Danny and Marcia

3rd Find:  Hello, I took my husband to his eye doctor

appointment on East Venice Avenue today. 

I came home with a free gift of art. 

How great is that! 

We think this is a wonderful project. 

It made our day! 

Thanks to the

Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay. 

The Carter’s

Dear Art Alliance,


I found this adorable magnet at

the school where I work, North Port High School. 

I just love the little fishies!

What a neat idea and wonderful surprise!

Thank you for making the world a more beautiful



Patrice Martini