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AALB Exhibit & Learning Center - 452 W. Dearborn Street - Englewood, FL

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Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.

To contact us:

Stephanie Borchard, President

452 W. Dearborn Street

Englewood, Fl 34223


Phone: 941-475-7141




Join the Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc. today.   Click on link and download our Membership Form.  Fill it out and mail in.  Thank you.

Please take the time to stop by our Members’ Exhibit & Learning Center.  All local artisans and all sales go directly to the artist.


Stephanie Borchard


Our Vision Statement

           The vision of the Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.,  is to afford the opportunity for artisans to come together in support of one another: To work towards the enhancement of the community both in a social and economic manner;   To educate one another and foster  the growth of the arts for the younger generation; To provide learning programs and develop a strong work ethic for young artisans; To provide a charitable environment that enhances the arts; To include the literary and scientific communities; To reach out to all organizations and groups that share the same vision of revitalizing Olde Englewood Village in a coordinated effort. 

             To this end, our Members and Board of Directors shall strive each and every day to reach out to the community in a positive and supportive manner.

             The Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc., is a Florida Non Profit Corporation that has been designated a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable and educational organization and to this end we shall be guided.

Board of Directors

Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay, Inc.

Gallery Hours:

Mon-Sat 10-5

Sun 11-3

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Photos courtesy of Rosemary Taylor

AALB is proud to say that our own, Diane Davidson had submitted artwork for jury selection in the new Sarasota ArtScape Sculpture Garden and two of her works were selected.


Please come by and see all the sculptures and our beautiful new park.


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Did you know that you can transfer the shape and color of a flowers or leaves directly onto fabric and paper? General Members are invited to join us this Wednesday from 1-3 pm as Kathy Mastbeth shows us how to transfer these natural dyes by pounding flowers with a hammer (see attached). 


Things to bring if you have them:

*Hammer or rubber mallet


*Towel or foam sheet for

  cushioning pounding board


Masking tape

Watercolor pencils or fine

line permanent markers



(As always, we’ll have

extras for those who

don’t have them)


Kathy will provide:


Waxed paper

Cotton fabric, Paper

Pounding Board & Iron


Flowers will also be provided, but bring any you wish to try.  Just make sure they are freshly harvested and not wilted. Look for flowers and greenery that aren’t too thick.  Good choices are geraniums, impatiens, vinca, phlox, Mexican petunias, daisy-like flowers, plumbago, lantana, verbena, portulaca, leaves, fern and herbs (i.e., basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, etc.)


Avoid white blossoms since most don’t transfer well.


Be sure to bring your $5 contribution!


NOTE:  This will be our last planned activity until after Labor Day – the room is still reserved for Wednesday afternoons, so plan to bring your own project to work on in August.